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 Grianan Fort


At the top of Greenan Mountain, beyond the border of Ireland, Grianan of Aileach is one of the finest stone forts in Ireland. This group of monuments together create an historic fort which was built by what was known then as ancient gods. The ring shape of the fort is known as the Palacio del Sol and at the time was considered sacred. This monument was destroyed and rebuilt after a long battle between the kings of Aileach and Munster to its original form.  The Grianán was a historical centre of culture and politics during the rule of early Irish chieftains. The function of this fort at the time it was built is unclear, there are a number of explanations for its existence. One theory is that it was built as a means of defence during battle between tribes in the Irish community at the time. Another is that it housed the royal family of the Irish people at the time it was built.


The fort takes a ringed shape which has a diameter of about 25 meters, and fortified with stones of great thickness. The remains of this fort consists of earth and stone which follows the natural form of the hill with an irregular circular pattern. They ascend above each other creating levelled terraces.  The innermost bank is very low, worn and heather-covered but traceable for almost its entire circuit. The other two banks are in a similar state but are untraceable for long sections. Between the inner most rampart and the cashel, the road dwindles in its width and curves slightly to the right. This “path” was strengthened on either side by walls.

Tourist Information

This Fort is a large tourist attraction due to the great Irish history behind the making of this Fort. There are a number of tours available to view the Grianan Fort. Inishowen Tourism is where these tours can be arranged and many more tours too. This Fort is located 15 minutes from Derry Bed & Breakfast which is situated in the heart of the city of Derry.

More information can be found at the main tourist centre, Derry Tourist Information Centre. This centre has won many awards such as the prestigious UK City Of Culture 2013 accolade the City of Derry and prides itself on the accuracy of the information provided.

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