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Riverwatch Aquarium

The aquariums at Riverwatch one of the many popular tourist centres that Derry City has to offer it is situated just outside Derry City Centre and with Free Admission this is a must see !!!

Riverwatch has been recently renovated and now possess 8 brand new state of the art visually exquisite aquariums that contain some spectacular and local creatures.

Once you enter the Aquarium you will find each aquarium is brightly lit up with a fabulous range of coloured lights to enhance the visual experience.

Each of these wonderful aquariums contains a wide variety of sea life ranging from slippery, slithering or sleepy wildlife to still and subtle aquatic plants like anemones all of which are local to Derry.

This Aquarium is ideal for a great day out filled with fun and education for young kids keen to explore and adventure around the great deep, hidden with many exciting and exhilarating surprises. Delve into the homes of many spectacular wildlife and engage in their everyday activities and adventures.

Marine Environment

 The Lough

The brackish waters of Foyle and Carlingford Loughs allows for a variety of fish and shellfish to thrive. This is a great environment to venture into as it is filled with many actively moving wildlife, such as large lobsters, mussels, oysters, crabs to wrasse, eels and rays.



This type of environment gives rise to the some of the seas smallest and best camouflaged creatures. Hermit crabs, winkles, starfish, shrimp, limpets, anemones and blenny can all be found thriving amongst seabed stones and seaweed of the Rock pool.

Deep Sea

In these colder waters are habitat to a wide variety of starfish such as the sunstar, spiny star and common starfish, Sea urchins and large whelks.

Freshwater Environment


The pond area is habitat to a very wide range of aquatic invertebrate life such as water boatmen, pond snails, freshwater shrimp and beetle larvae; you could also find small species such as sticklebacks, newts and frogs.


Lakes give rise to a many of the larger fish. One of the top predators in a lake is the pike.


Fish such as trout, salmon and eels are found here.


Typically coarse fish are found to be lurking these waters alongside a range of aquatic invertebrates.


River invertebrates, small salmon and trout as well as brook lamprey are located here.

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