Bed and Breakfast, Derry – Ness Woods


Ness Woods


Ness Country Park lies in the steep, wooded glen of the Burntollet Valley, southeast of Derry City. The Country Park is made up of 55 hectares of mixed and many areas of pure open woodland. It also includes an area of scenic meadow, providing easy-access for individuals who are less capable of enduring travel. The Park has many open areas for wildlife, park areas for picnics and riverside walks with wonderful views. There is also a new visitor centre that allows individuals to view the many areas of biodiversity that inhabit the woods.

Ness woods is a area that conserves many habitats that have become endangered and because of this wood their habitats can now remain preserved,.


There is a regular bus service between Derry & Dungiven on the A6. From the main road it is a 2.5 mile walk to the visitor centre.

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