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 The Ballyarnett Natural Country Park.

The Ballyarnett Natural Country Park is one of the many natural reserves that the city of Derry, Northen Irelands most prosperous City has to offer, the park is acres of natural beauty a vast spread of countryside with glacial lakes and peat bogs that have been around for many many years.

This Park is ideal for long undisturbed walks, exploring untouched landscape that Northern Ireland has to offer.

This breathtaking piece of land is open and available to the wider community no admission fees are required.

Who is the Park for ?                                   

The Ballyarnett Country Park is ideal for all ages from the young bustling with energy to the Elder for a peaceful stroll amongst all that nature has to offer.

The Park is also for a wonderful day out for the family, a great opportunity for the kids to see the wild variety of wildlife and explore the undisturbed beauty the Ballyarnett Natural Country Park has to offer.

The Park provides isolated areas for cyclists and isolated paths so that people are able to walk freely around the park.


The Ballyarnett Park is a natural reserve as it provides ideal and natural habitats for the breeding of many local animals that then go on to thrive and inhabit this park.

The variety of the animals that live in the Park range from Minks, Otters ,Wild Duck ,Geese, Badgers and Foxes.

These animals are protected in their habitats, they are able to breed and eat freely without coming into any harm from the world around them.

 The Amelia Earhart Centre

Within the grounds of the country park in Derry is the Amelia Earhart Centre, within this centre is an exhibition detailing local aviation history, with particular reference to Amelia Earhart, who landed on this site in 1932, following her pioneering solo Trans-Atlantic flight.

At the age of 34, on the morning of May 20, 1932, Earhart set off from Harbour Grace; she intended to fly to Paris.

After a flight lasting 14 hours, 56 minutes during which she contended with strong northerly winds, icy conditions and mechanical problems, Earhart landed in the centre of Ballyarnett Country Park north of Derry (City of Culture 2013) Northern Ireland.

The site now is the home of a small museum, the Amelia Earhart Centre.

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