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St.Columb’s Cathedral


Within the Derry Walls stands one of Derry’s oldest buildings, St. Columb’s Cathedral which was built in the historic time of 1633. This historic building is recognised locally, nationally and internationally for its peaceful interactions with different communities and the bridge building activities between these one separate and rival communities. This Cathedral is a building that welcomes all people, of all different backgrounds. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Columba, an Irish monk who established a Christian settlement in Ireland, Scotland and North England.


The Cathedral was built in 1633 and is designed with a Gothic Style, with the tower and the main domain of the church being the original structure of the cathedral. There were multiple structures added between the 19th and 20th century, the spire, the Chancel and the Chapter house were such structures. The walls of the church were built from stone in local quarries and constructed by skilled stone cutters. The windows are stained glass and the church itself contains regimental flags, memorials and a large collection of historical items. The Cathedral went through restoration in February 2010 and was opened again in June 2011.


The Cathedral was mainly built for the celebration of Christianity i.e. weddings, baptisms and ordinations but due to the historical nature of the Cathedral, tours of this building are available. The Cathedral is open all year round and service is Monday to Saturday, 9-5.

City of Culture

This historic building is one of the main attractions in Derry due to its eagerness to include all cultures and build relationships for these said cultures. At the time of celebration there is so many luxurious places to stay such as Derry Bed & Breakfast which is 15 minutes walk from anyway in the city centre.


The Cathedral is located right in the heart of the city centre, located at the top of the Diamond in Bishop Street, which is walking distant from Derry Bed & Breakfast.


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