Bed and Breakfast Derry- The Guildhall


The Guildhall



The Guildhall is a beautiful building and is well worth taking time to see. It is located near the River Foyle in the heart of the city, just outside the walls and dates from 1887. The original building, named in honour of the London guilds, cost £19,000 to build and was officially opened in 1890 as the administrative centre of the Londonderry Corporation. In 1908 it was razed to the ground.

The building stands on land reclaimed from the River Foyle. The Guildhall houses Mayor’s Office and council chamber.

The Guildhall is located in the heart of the City of Derry and was the main attraction in the announcement that Derry City was the City of Culture. Not far from this attraction is the Derry Bed & Breakfast which accommodates many people coming to visit these attractions.


The red sandstone building is of neo-gothic architecture; with Tudor overtones. In 1972, the Guildhall was destroyed by a number of bomb attacks and carefully restored and reopened in 1978. The interior houses some of the finest examples of stained glass windows in Ireland with many having been restored using the original watercolour designs. The council chamber on the ground floor is the seat of Derry City Council.

The Guildhall hosts monthly Council Meetings along with an occasional musical recital. Behind the building, along the river, sits Derry Quay, a popular point of departure for many of those who emigrated to America in the 18th and 19th centuries.There are many celebrated occasions the Guildhall is used for such as, weddings.


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