Bed & Breakfast Derry – Clipper Race

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Derry-Londonderry port of the clipper race 2012

Derry- Londonderry is the winner of the first UK city of culture 2013 that celebrates 400 years of the famous walled city.

Derry has become a City buzzing with excitement and anticipation of the success it is to inherit thanks to the prestigious award bestowed to it, City of Culture will put Derry City in the map so to speak finally the rest o the world will see it potential and all the wondrous things that Derry has to offer from its historic landmarks to its modern pieces like the new peace bridge.

Derry City is one of Europe’s cities that are beginning to shine and show great prosperity.

It recently invested over £30million in digital connectivity, £60million in research and development, £13million in infrastructure, £25million in cultural tourism,

The city has a large list of world class events over the next few years; Derry is becoming increasingly world recognised for defying creative and cultural industry restrictions to provide a world class tourist experience for a city of natural beauty, energy and an anticipation of the phenomenal prospects that are to unfold in the city in the near future.

The Race

40,000 miles of ocean racing and around 450 people facing the challenge of a lifetime. The starting gun will go off for the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race of August 2011; it will take eleven months to complete this monumental challenge. The race is divided in to a series of eight legs.

There are 15 individual races in total.

The Route

The route will involve ten 68-foot racing yachts each the same as the other on a once in a lifetime heart stoppingly amazing, eleven-month trip around the globe.

The Route will spread from the UK to mainland Europe, then across the Atlantic Ocean to South America, crossing the Equator along the way. Then on to South Africa, west coast Australia, New Zealand and east coast Australia before heading north and then west towards Singapore, followed by China. Crossing the Pacific Ocean will then bring the teams to California before they head south to the Panama Canal, once through the canal, the race heads north to New York and Canada, before heading back across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe once more.

The Ports

Southampton                                                                       Qingdao

Madeira                                                                                Oakland

Rio de janerio                                                                       Panama

Cape town                                                                            New York

Geraldton                                                                             Halifax

New Zealand                                                                        Derry- Londonderry

Gold Coast                                                                            Den Helder




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